LayerZero Power Systems Launches Series 70 eSTS Static Transfer Switch

Chagrin Falls, Ohio (May 8, 2006)  LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. has announced the release of the Series 70 eSTS Static Transfer Switch, an automatic transfer switch that embeds a variety of innovations designed to help protect data center operators.  The Series 70 eSTS is designed to replace the OPTS product line, offering exceptional reliability with a completely new internal arrangement that will help make maintenance on units safer and easier.  The Series 70 eSTS is available in SMR (Single Modular Redundant) or TMR (Triple Modular Redundant) configurations, of which have no single points of failure. 

The Series 70 eSTS transfers power between redundant sources in less than a quarter electrical cycle, in a manner that connected load disruption is minimized without the need to cross-connect sources.  User definable set-points determine the thresholds of acceptable power quality, and if the power quality drops below these points, the system makes a transfer, protecting the critical power load. 

Series 70 eSTS Static Transfer Switches utilize LayerZero InSight™ Portholes, a technology that allows for safe IR thermal scanning with the dead front doors closed.  InSight™ Portholes allow all bolted connections to be scanned for hot spots without exposing operators to the energized live bus. 

The design of the Series 70 eSTS is sectionalized, with isolated components connected by fiber optics.  The use of fiber optics for communications minimizes harmonic distributions, and ensures integrity with internal communications.  The eSTS has a fail-safe bypass procedure that de-energizes the electronics of the unit while retaining the critical load, so that components can be safely replaced without any downtime.  The bypass procedure is voice-prompted, to help ensure that operators complete the process in the correct sequence. 

Units are equipped standard with a 15 inch color touch screen graphical user interface, so help make power usage information safely accessible from the front of the unit.  Waveform capture, metering information, alarms, event logs, and power usage information can be managed remotely over a secure VPN, to better improve employee utilization and allowing for a faster response. 

Installation of Series 70 eSTS units will increase overall system reliability by an order of magnitude, and provides the last line of defense against a critical load disruption.  Operators of Series 70 eSTS Static Transfer Switches are safe, protected by InSight™ Portholes, insulated parts, and sectionalized, optically isolated components. 

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