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Static Transfer Switches

LayerZero Power Systems designs and manufactures Web-Enabled Static Transfer Switches (eSTS) from sizes ranging from 150 Amps to 4000 Amps. LayerZero Static Transfer Switches are the most robust, reliable, and technologically-advanced Static Transfer systems available, integrating Triple Modular Redundancy, Power Quality Monitoring, Remote Connectivity, Dynamic Phase Compensation, in a convection-cooled, safe-to-maintain design.

Providing an automatic and seamless transfer of the critical load, LayerZero Static Transfer Switches keep the power in critical data processing operations always-on. The eSTS Static Transfer Switch transfers power between two or three sources in less than a quarter electrical cycle, maintaining continuity for the critical load from lapses that may be as short as a few electrical cycles long. eSTS protects data centers, mission critical applications, and even entire buildings.

The LayerZero eSTS Static Transfer Switch Maximizes Power Reliability

The LayerZero eSTS is designed to transfer power between two or three input power sources without interrupting the critical load. The LayerZero eSTS requires two or three input power sources (Preferred Source + Secondary Source) and outputs to one power source. Made to protect mission-critical applications, eSTS is the last line of defence against power outages. eSTS monitors the power quality, and if a source goes out of specification, eSTS automatically transfers from the Preferred to the Secondary source. LayerZero's eSTS Static Transfer Switch requires no moving parts, and utilizes Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCRs) to transfer between sources. Transfers are very fast, less than 1/4 of an electrical cycle.

Purpose of Static Transfer Switch

eSTS Is Designed for Operator Safety

For maximum operator safety, the LayerZero eSTS utilizes a sectionalized design, housing the power quality monitoring and SCRs in a cabinet adjacent to the circuit breakers and customer cable connections. The sectionalized compartment design of the eSTS allows the equipment to be safely operated and serviced. In normal operation of the eSTS, the inner dead-front doors remain closed. A mechanical interlock is built into the door, permitting safe operation of the bypass procedure by eliminating human error. A polycarbonate window allows for status LEDs in the control section to be safely viewed with the door closed. INSIGHT IR® cameras (optional) or IR Ports (standard) provide the ability to monitor the temperatures of critical connections with the doors safely closed.

Static Transfer Switch Safety Control Section Power Quality Monitoring + SCRs CB Section Circuit Breakers + Customer Cable Connections Sectionalized Design: Isolated Sections That Can Be Safely De-Energized For Performing Maintenance Dead-Front Hinged Doors:Barrier To Provide A Safe Working Area With No Exposed Live Parts Safe Bypass Procedure: Mechanical interlock to ensure the bypass procedure is completed in the correct sequence Polycarbonate Window: View status LEDs of printed circuit boards with the inner dead front door closed IR Portholes:Safely measure the temperature of bolted connections with hand-held IR scanner

eSTS is Designed For Low Maintenance

The eSTS has been designed to be accessible from the front-only, there is no need to ever access difficult-to-reach locations. Input/output terminals can be accessed from the front/bottom of the equipment. The buswork of LayerZero eSTS systems is epoxy coated for additional operator safety and connections are silver plated for reliability. Internal connections are permanently brazed and are maintenance-free.

Static Transfer Switch with Epoxy Coated Electrical Buswork Silver Plated Customer Connections: Silver provides excellent conductivity Epoxy Coated Bus Bars: Insulates buswork for safety and reliability Brazed Connections: Junctions are permanent and maintenance-free

eSTS Is Designed with Fail-safe Topology For Maximum Reliability

The LayerZero eSTS Static Transfer Switch is designed with internal redundancy, every logical machine segment of the eSTS Static Transfer Switch is powered with triple redundant power supplies. To eliminate the risk of signal interferance and to maximize system reliability, control communications utilize fiber optic signals.

LayerZero eSTS is equipped standard with Single Module Redundancy (SMR), a cost-effective topology that provides redundant power paths to mission-critical equipment. In SMR systems, sources each have built-in triple redundancy of processors, and every phase is controlled with a separate gate drive board. LayerZero Single Modular Redundant topology is unique that it the system is fail-safe, maintaining full switching functionality even if a critical board were to fail.

For applications where reliability simply cannot be compromised, eSTS offers Trip le Modular Redundant (TMR) architecture, so that a failure of any component on any board will not compromise the critical load. With appropriate and timely service and maintenance an eSTS TMR system will maintain virtually 100% probability of mission success.

Fail Safe Redundant Static Transfer Switches Internal Redundancy: Dedicated power supplies and logic redundancy to maximize reliability Optical Fiber Based Controls: Eliminates Noise and Interference While Isolating Components from High Voltage

eSTS Has Innovative Technologies for Maximum Availability

Operator error during maintenance bypass has been known to be a reliability hazard. In order to minimize the possibility of operator error during equipment bypass operations, LayerZero provides:

Guided Bypass Procedure: Step-By-Step Operation with Audio/Video Guidance and One Step-Per-Screen • Interlocked breakers• Mechanisms to ensure that a source cannot be bypassed without the STS on the correct source.• Safeguards to make certain that sources cannot be connected to each other inadvertently.• A voice-prompted bypass procedure that guides the operator through the sequence.• A step-wise pictorial & video presentation is provided on the touch-screen display during bypass.

eSTS Eliminates Transformer Inrush

The LayerZero eSTS eliminates downstream inrush by incorporating a patented “Dynamic Phase Compensation” algorithm that intelligently introduces an appropriate time delay at the instant of transfer. LayerZero provides an ITIC Plotting tool to audit the quality of transfers, to ensure that transfer times stay within the limits of ITIC curve parameters.

LayerZero Static Transfer Switch Eliminates Transformer Inrush Without Dynamic Phase Compensation: Excessive inrush current after the transfer Real-Time Waveform Capture LayerZero Power Systems has integrated waveform capture functionality into all devices. Waveform capture automatically captures a picture of the power three-cycles before and after every event. Available with Transformer and Distribution Options The eSTS is available with transformer and distribution options, and is also designed to feed directly into standalone PDUs (ePODs: Type-X with SafePanel™ Shown) With Dynamic Phase Compensation: Practically 0% inrush with transfer times within ITIC Curve parameters

Highly Connected Systems Designed for Direct Access to Information

INSIGHT IR® is a thermal monitoring system for LayerZero Power Systems products, designed to continuously monitor the temperatures of critical components. INSIGHT IR® captures data from a network of fixed infrared cameras and continuously looks for abnormal changes in thermal conditions. When a problematic connection is detected early, repairs can be made on equipment before the problem leads to downtime.

INSIGHT IR Thermal Cameras for Electrical Equipment
INSIGHT IR® Cameras: Fixed-mount infrared cameras continuously monitor connections and critical boards for high temperatures. Capture Options: Save IR images as still pictures or animations. Filter Temperature by Phase: Isolate the exact location of a loose connection. Early Detection of Thermal Issues: INSIGHT IR™ blends a heatmap with a visible imageto make it easier to identify the specific location of potential problems.

Information-Centric Connectivity

Every eSTS is equipped with an advanced Power Quality Monitoring (PQM) system equipped with local and remote communications options that are accessible utilizing non-proprietary protocols. LayerZero eSTS Systems include basic monitoring, alarms, Waveform Capture, and ITIC Plotting capabilities. The LayerZero ITIC Plotting utility is used to audit the quality of transfers. In addition, systems can be configured to automatically email users waveform captures as an attachment - so that if an event occurs, users do not have to look for the waveform capture image.

eSTS has waveform capture and ITIC plotting capabilities ITIC Plotting: Proves events are within the boundaries of the ITIC curve. Waveforms Automatically Emailed: LayerZero eSTS systems can be configured to automatically email users waveform captures as an attachment immediately after an event occurs.

Designed and Tested for Seismic Compliance

The LayerZero eSTS is designed and tested to meet the seismic requirements of critical facilities worldwide. Products are seismic tested on a tri-axial shake table that provides independent motions of different magnitudes in 3 directions. The shake table testing proves how LayerZero equipment will actually respond in the event of an earthquake. Mere seismic paper studies are no substitute for a calibrated shake-table verification. Testing verifies that the mounting bolts remain seated, doors remain closed, mechanically locked critical components do not jam, and all of the controls are fully operational after a seismic event. LayerZero ensures product reliability in earthquake-prone locations by designing and testing equipment on an actual seismic shake table.

Optional Seismic Floor Stand

eSTS Has A Proven History of Reliability

LayerZero Power Systems has been designing and building Static Transfer Switches since 2001. The LayerZero eSTS is designed to be extremely reliable. LayerZero products are designed, fabricated, and tested in the same location. Our in-house development team has complete control over all processes that contribute to the quality aspects the manufacturing process - including the electrical designs, mechanical designs, and the software. As a result, LayerZero products are innovative, high-quality, and exceptionally reliable.

LayerZero Power Systems is an Innovator in Static Transfer Switch Design

• First Static Transfer Switch with Triple Modular Redundant design
• First Static Transfer Switch with real-time Waveform Capture
• First Static Transfer Switch with Triple Digital Signal Processors
• First Static Transfer Switch with Dynamic Phase Compensation technology for out-of-phase transfers
• First Static Transfer Switch with Voice Guided Bypass Procedure

LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. Designing and Manufacturing Static Transfer SwitchesSince 2001

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