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Stainless Steel Hardware Protects Against Zinc Contamination

Stainless steel hardware is available on LayerZero equipment as an option.

Galvanized metal surfaces are metals that have been treated with zinc or tin to protect metal structures and electronic components from corrosion. Over time, microscopic metallic filaments called "Zinc whiskers" form on these metals, sometimes growing to millimeters in length. If whiskers break free, they become airborne, and contaminate equipment.

Zinc whiskers are conductive, and will cause short circuits if they bridge electrical conductors. Zinc whisker-induced short circuits have been cited as the direct cause of many catostrophic data center failures in recent years.

Zinc-plated hardware, such as nuts, bolts, washers, and screws, can be a source of zinc whiskers. To help reduce the presence of zinc in the data center, LayerZero can remove zinc plated hardware, utilizing stainless steel instead. Stainless steel hardware helps protect against zinc contamination in the data center.

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