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Finger-Safe SafePanel™ Panel Board

The LayerZero SafePanel™ is an IP-20 rated, finger-safe panel board. With the SafePanel, there is no exposure to live bus.

The busway of the SafePanel is located safely behind a plastic resin-injected molding.

The LayerZero SafePanel Maximizes Operator Safety, Permits Safe Installation of Circuit Breakers, and Minimizes the Risk of a Workplace Accident

LayerZero SafePanel Front LayerZero SafePanel Front

SafePanel Wells are Almost 1 Inch Deep

The SafePanel wells are almost 1" deep, creating an "arc-free zone" designed to protect the operator.

SafePanel Closeup


225 A - 400 A SafePanel Shrouds

In addition, LayerZero offers shrouds to cover up the SafePanel wells.

1200 A SafePanel Shrouds

LayerZero Power Systems currently offers the 225 A, 400 A, and 1200 A SafePanel™.

SafePanel Installation

400A SafePanel Circuit Breakers Animation 1200A SafePanel

225 A & 400 A SafePanel™

Circuit Breaker Terminal Cover

Circuit Breaker Terminal Cover with Insulated Fiberglass Inserts

Circuit Breaker Shroud Installation

Installation process of the circuit breaker terminal covers and fiberglass inserts.

Circuit Breaker Shroud Installation in SafePanel Panel Board

Terminal-Cover Installation Circuit Breaker

Insulated Fiberglass Shrouds

Circuit Breaker Terminal Cover with No Exposed Live Parts

Covers with insulated fiberglass shrouds are preinstalled and shipped with circuit breakers. When the covers and shrouds are installed into the SafePanel Panel Board, there are no exposed live parts.

42-Circuit SafePanel™ Circuit Breaker Installation

1200 A SafePanel™ Circuit Breaker Installation

After circuit breaker installation, a terminal cover with insulated fiberglass inserts is installed.


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