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Even LayerZero Hardware Is Mechanically Advanced

At LayerZero Power Systems, we understand the importance of reliable bolted connections in power distribution systems. That's why we utilize advanced technologies such as machined cap screws and engineered disc springs in our products to help ensure constant torque through the life of the product.

Our bolted connections are designed with a flat pressure vs. deflection profile to maintain a constant torque, even in the most demanding environments. These technologies have been well-tested in disparate environments with wide temperature ranges to ensure that, once connections have been tightened, they stay that way.

By utilizing the latest technologies and innovative design solutions, we are able to provide our customers with reliable and efficient power distribution systems that meet their specific needs. At LayerZero Power Systems, we are committed to providing the most advanced and reliable power distribution solutions on the market.

Whether you need a power distribution solution for a data center, hospital, or other critical facility, we have the expertise and technology to help. Contact us today to learn more about our advanced bolted connection technologies and how they can help ensure the reliability and efficiency of your power distribution system.

Qualitive Review of Disc Springs

Load vs. deflection in operating condition of 600 A with a temperature rise of 50C

With no spring in connection the load would be overstressed deforming the thread beyond yield point (permanent deformation).

The connection is stretched, therefore the load is removed (loose joint), and no contact pressure on the joint causes excessive heat when load is reapplied. Without a spring in the connection, a short circuit overload will permanently deform the connection and damage the reliability of the system.

Load vs. Deflection without disc springs

With the disc spring in connection the load will increase slightly as the spring deflect the 1-1/2 mils with no stress on the bolt.  The spring will return to it’s ambient condition of load without stress to the bolted connection. With a spring in the connection, a short circuit overload will not damage the system.

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