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Protecting Data Center Workers from Exposed Electrical Parts

LayerZero Power Systems products are NFPA-70E inpspired and are designed for safety, operators are well-protected from exposed connections.

Energized parts are insulated, covered, recessed, or internally mounted for safe operation of the unit. Sections that isolate electric and electronic components are also insulated.

As an option on ePanel products, we offer a polycarbonate cover that fully encloses the input connections behind a hinged door.

No Exposed Live Parts in ePanel-1

There are No Exposed Live Parts in LayerZero products.

LayerZero utilizes a patent-pending design to maximize operator safety in critical facilities. We offer circuit breaker shrouds that cover up exposed wiring.

• Maximizes Operator Safety
• Permits Safe Installation of Circuit Breakers
• Minimizes Risk of Workplace Accident

Safe Electrical Wiring with LayerZero Shrouds

Operator Safety in Power Panels

eRPP-SL1 Polycarbonate Window over Zen DPQM Control Board InSight IR Portholes Accessible With Input Door Closed Dead Front Door MCB Insulated Fiberglass Composite Enclosure SafePanel Finger Safe Panel Board

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