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InSight IR™ Portholes Help Protect Operators

The ability of the operator to safely maintain mission critical equipment is of paramount importance in modern facilities, and InSight IR™ Portholes help make preventive maintennce safer and easier.

All current LayerZero products incorporate Insight Portholes, located to allow the operator to point and shoot an infrared thermal camera at each bolted connection in the product without the need to open dead-front covers. These Portholes are 3-inches in diameter, and are normally covered with a metal disk. The cover is rotated to expose an IR-transparent grid.

IR-Scan portholes enable safe thermal scanning of all bolted connections with the deadfront closed, without exposing the operator to live bus. The IR window swivels upward and unlocks with key-hole access to revel a mesh screen, allowing the operator to point-and-shoot thermal cameras to obtain readings.

LayerZero Power Systems offers training on the proper use of InSight portholes and thermal imaging procedures for LayerZero equipment as part of the User and Operator Classes taught by LayerZero and sold to its customers.

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