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LayerZero products are extremely reliable, designed with high levels of redundancy in order to be fully operational in the unlikely event of a component failure. Each of our product lines will continue to perform all necessary functions if a single element of the system develops a fault, minimizing the need for emergency service. If neccessary, 24-Hour Emergency Service is always available.

Our products have the capability to be fully managed remotely utilizing LayerZero Black Box Forensics, permitting remote access for off-site monitoring and diagnosis. All LayerZero products continuously the state of system components, saving this information into a log that is synchronized with the network clock. Utilizing this information, LayerZero Customer Service Engineers can accurately identify and resolve potential issues regarding critical components without making a site-visit.

Our network of LayerZero-certified Customer Service Engineers are strategically located nationwide to help perform emergency service as well as regularly scheduled preventive maintenance on your LayerZero products. We are available at a moments notice to help answer any questions you may have regarding any of our product lines.

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