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Advanced Power Quality Monitoring Capabilities

LayerZero Power Systems has a proven track record of developing high-quality products that provide real-time monitoring and management of power distribution systems. Our products feature microprocessor-based power metering that delivers accurate measurements of voltage, current, frequency, real power, reactive and apparent power, power factor, and more. These measurements can be viewed locally using the front panel display and remotely over standard Ethernet connections.

Our waveform capture functionality is standard, enabling voltage and current waveforms to be viewed at the PDU inputs and outputs, RPP inputs, and each of the branch circuit breaker outputs. This allows for a comprehensive view of the entire power flow and enables data center facilities to instantly capture a real-time fingerprint of the power flow.

By utilizing LayerZero equipment, data center facilities have the capability to quickly analyze potential power quality issues and determine the root cause of events. Synchronized with the NTP clock, our products provide a macro view of the entire power flow, with waveform captures that are time-stamped to all events. This provides valuable insights into power quality issues that can help data center managers make informed decisions about power management and optimization.

At the server level, waveform captures are available for each branch circuit breaker, providing a detailed view of the power flow and enabling targeted analysis of potential issues. This allows for precise troubleshooting and resolution of issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring maximum uptime for critical applications.

Our products have been designed with reliability and flexibility in mind, providing data center facilities with a stable and well-developed foundation for their power distribution systems. By choosing LayerZero Power Systems, data center managers can be confident that they are investing in high-quality products that deliver accurate monitoring and management of their power distribution systems, helping to ensure maximum uptime and operational efficiency.

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