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Advanced Power Quality Monitoring Capabilities

LayerZero Power Systems products feature microprocessor based power metering that provides real time measurements of Voltage, Current, Frequency, Real Power, Reactive and Apparent Power, Power Factor, etc. All measurements can be viewed locally by means of a front panel display and sent remotely over standard Ethernet connections. In addition, waveform capture functionality is standard, voltage and current waveforms can be viewed at the PDU inputs and outputs; at the RPP inputs, and at each of the branch circuit breaker outputs.

Utilizing LayerZero equipment, data center facilities have the capability to instantly capture a real-time fingerprint of the entire power flow, helping to quickly analyze potential power quality issues, and determine the root cause of events. Synchronized with the NTP clock, data center facilities can be a macro view of the entire power flow, with waveform captures that are time-stamped to all events.

* At the server level, waveform captures ARE available for each branch circuit breaker.

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