LZ-Modbus Application Released

Aurora, Ohio (January 28, 2013) LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. announces the release the LZ-Modbus application.  LZ-Modbus is a desktop Modbus client, enabling LayerZero Customer Service Engineers with the ability to quickly and accurately verify and test Modbus operations on LayerZero products, including the company’s eSTS Static Transfer Switch, ePODs Power Distribution Unit, and ePanel & eRPP Remote Power Panel products.  The LZ-Modbus client is a flexible, easy-to-use, and effective means to analyze and test Modbus operations for proper operation. 

One of the benefits of the LayerZero LZ-Modbus client application is the ability to quickly access the Modbus register list and values for a specific installation.  To help LayerZero Customer Service Engineers more effectively find the information they are looking for, the application supports grouping values by source, or by type.  The application is designed to save time, supporting functions such as remembering previous settings that the Customer Service Engineer used, for quicker access.  The LZ-Modbus application applies to all pieces of LayerZero Power Systems equipment, and can access any product that is accessible from an IP address. 

About LayerZero Power Systems, Inc.: 

LayerZero Power Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of power reliability solutions, providing data centers with Static Transfer Switches, Power Distribution Units, and Remote Power Panels, with an emphasis on safety, reliability, connectivity, and power quality monitoring.  For more information, visit www.LayerZero.com

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