LayerZero Power Systems Releases the First Ever Fanless 1200 A eSTS Static Transfer Switch

Chagrin Falls, Ohio (March 15, 2011) LayerZero Power Systems, Inc., a leading designer of high-reliability power distribution products, has announced the release of the 1200 A Series 70: eSTS Static Transfer Switch.  The 1200 A eSTS Static Transfer Switch provides power switching functionality for redundant sources during electrical power abnormalities, transferring power between multiple sources in under a quarter of an electrical cycle in a manner where the critical load experiences no interruption in power in the event of an outage. 

1200 A eSTS Static Transfer Switch Product Features

The 1200 A eSTS Static Transfer Switch features a variety of innovative power distribution technologies that are exclusive to LayerZero, including: 

• Fanless, Convection-cooled design for higher reliability

• InSight IR™ Portholes for safe thermal scanning

• Front-Only Access

• Optional Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) for maximum reliability

• LayerZero Dynamic Phase Compensation technology to automatically compensate for differences in phases between sources

• Native real-time waveform capture for power event diagnosis

Inspired by NFPA 70E for operations with strict safety requirements, the Series 70: eSTS provides reliable power switching functionality utilizing a design that is safe to perform preventive maintenance.  InSight IR™ Portholes allow for all bolted connections and critical boards to be thermally scanned with the dead-front closed, helping to reduce the risk of arc-flash when performing preventive maintenance.  The front-only design requires minimal clearance, and helps ensure operator safety when maintaining bolted connections. 

The 1200 A eSTS Static Transfer Switch release includes both Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) and Single Module Redundant (SMR) models.  In addition, LayerZero’s patented Dynamic Phase Compensation is utilized to eliminate downstream transformer inrush from out-of-phase transfers when switching on the primary side of the transformer.  The natural air convection cooled design of the eSTS Static Transfer Switch provides long-term reliability. 

Real-time Waveform Capture and Forensic Diagnostics are standard in the 1200 A Series 70: eSTS, providing a complete log of power quality history.  Waveform capture technologies are useful when analyzing infrastructure level disturbances and faults, for measuring power quality, and are designed for obtaining a detailed sequence of recorded events.  This information can be quickly and easily accessed remotely over TCP/IP. 

1200 A eSTS Static Transfer Switch Applications

The LayerZero 1200 A eSTS Static Transfer Switch is designed for high-reliability applications, such as financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies & credit card companies; corporate data processing centers, internet service providers, semiconductor manufacturing and process industries. 

About LayerZero Power Systems, Inc.: 

LayerZero Power Systems is one of the leading designers of power reliability solutions, providing data centers with Static Transfer Switches, Power Distribution Units and Remote Power Panelswith an emphasis on safety, reliability, connectivity, and information centricity.  For more information, visit


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