LayerZero Power Systems Launches Series 70:  eRPP Remote Power Panel

Chagrin Falls, Ohio (June 6,2007) LayerZero has expanded the diversity of their product offerings by introducing the Series 70: eRPP Web-Enabled Remote Power Panel, providing safe power distribution at high fault current levels.  The Series 70: eRPP takes the reduced voltage from transformers and distributes this power directly to individual critical operations, providing Selective Trip Coordination so that when a fault occurs anywhere in the distribution system, only the breaker located upstream and closest to the fault will trip. 

LayerZero Series 70: eRPPs have fast acting circuit breakers that open in less than 4 milliseconds, quickly clearing the fault so that upstream devices do not trip.  Developed by LayerZero, this advanced technology enables a high level of reliability that cannot be achieved with "zero-crossing" branch breakers, for true mission-critical performance.  Ideal for a raised-floor application, the Series 70: eRPPs can help data centers make the most of limited physical space by providing extraordinary reliability in high density environments. 

Series 70: eRPP Remote Power Panels are selective trip coordinated up to 24kAIC, and provide waveform capture for up to 168 branch circuits, plus the main.  Compatible with Modbus/TCP, https://, and Bluetooth, the Series 70: eRPP offers high connectivity under a variety of open protocols.  Available with redundant and non-redundant topologies, the Series 70: eRPPs are flexible to work in a variety of configurations. 

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