LayerZero 1200 A, 3-Source OPTS Static Transfer Switch Released To Manufacture

Chagrin Falls, Ohio (March 8, 2006)  LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. has announced the release of the 1200 A 3-Source OPTS for manufacture, an automatic static transfer switch that provides quality power switching between three redundant sources, designed for continuous power distribution in mission-critical environments.  The 3-source OPTS allows for three input sources to be connected to a static transfer switch, such as a combination of utility lines, UPS units, and generators, enabling another level in power reliability. 

The LayerZero OPTS Static Transfer Switch automatically senses the quality of power, and performs transfers as necessary to protect the critical load.  For maximum reliability, the LayerZero 1200 A 3-Source OPTS is available in a SMR (Single Modular Redundant) configurations, which is segmented and partitioned to provide redundancy throughout the controls.  The components of the OPTS units are all replaceable without the need to de-energize the critical load. 

LayerZero OPTS units can be remotely monitored with a variety of open protocols utilizing a standard Ethernet connection, and is compatible with most System Management Software.  LayerZero OPTS units are fully configurable from the front of the unit via a 15 inch color touch screen GUI, which provides safe and immediate access to waveform capture, mimics, metering, and alarms

LayerZero OPTS units are 100% rated and use a fuseless design, featuring solid-state power switching that transfers power in less than a quarter of an electrical cycle, so that sensitive electronic and IT equipment continues operating during a power transfer.  LayerZero OPTS 3-Source Static Transfer Switches provide the highest level of protection for mission-critical applications, designed for applications in data processing centers. 

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