LayerZero Power Systems Announces OPTS Clock Synchronization Using Network Time Protocol (NTP)

Chagrin Falls, Ohio (June 13, 2005) LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. releases an update to the OPTS product line that enables clock synchronization over a network using Network Time Protocol (NTP), making setup easier, and providing superior time-stamping functionality over competitive solutions. Clock synchronization allows for LayerZero OPTS units to be accurately coordinated by time-stamping all events and saving the information to a log, providing operators with a way to trace the history of installed equipment.

Utilization of the Network Time Protocol allows for more detailed monitoring capability among multiple instances of installed OPTS units, providing data centers with information on how to respond to major events. Compatible with standard Network Management Systems (NMS), this expanded functionality makes it easy for operators to more effectively monitor equipment remotely by allowing for the sequence of events to be quickly referenced over any web browser.

A representative from LayerZero stated, "The ability to easily synchronize to a centralized time server is valuable to data center managers when diagnosing the root cause of events, and the NTP protocol suits the needs of this application well."

LayerZero will include NTP clock synchronization as a standard function of all equipment.

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