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LayerZero Power Systems Announces Launch Of 1200 A OPTS

Chagrin Falls, Ohio (May 9, 2005)  LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. has expanded its OPTS (Optical Power Transfer Switch) product line to accommodate 1200 A configurations, offering renowned LayerZero reliability to large applications.  The OPTS product line is provides mission-critical static transfer switching utilizing a fault-tolerant architecture with no single points of failure.  Designed for IT environments that require fully redundant subsystems, the OPTS provides business continuity to data centers in the event of a power failure or loss of power quality. 

Built on the foundation of the successful OPTS line, the 1200 A OPTS features a solid-state static transfer switch that automatically detects power quality problems and switches to the alternate source so fast that sensitive electronics are not affected.  The 1200 A OPTS allows for data centers to increase densities and lower costs, while increasing safety and reliability.   The 1200 A OPTS is designed to transfer large loads in less than a quarter electrical cycle, protecting critical operations from power supply disruptions. 

The 1200 A OPTS allows the power to be safely bypassed for testing and maintenance, de-energizing the electronics of the system while maintaining the critical load.  The system is available with triple modular redundancy, for the highest reliability in the industry.  The OPTS protects businesses from power utility disruptions, ensuring continuous operations for data processing systems.

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