LayerZero Product Testing On Line On CustomerWeb

Chagrin Falls, Ohio (August 25, 2004)  LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. a leading designer of power reliability products for data centers, today announced that it has expanded the scope of the company's CustomerWeb portal to provide real-time product testing information for its customers.  The update provides access to data gathered from product testing, to better provide customers with product related knowledge. 

Access to this information helps operators more quickly analyze, identify, and investigate the root cause of events by being able to compare current readings to readings at the factory installation.  This update helps make troubleshooting easier by being able to view reports from when the equipment was built, in an effort to track the history of critical components.  CustomerWeb fundamentally changes the way LayerZero supports its customers, being able to more effectively deliver quality, personalized support. 

LayerZero Power Systems is committed to setting the standard for support access with its CustomerWeb portal, and will continue to develop the most advanced power distribution equipment, providing the most reliable, safest, information centric, highly connected way for data processing centers to maximize their uptime. 

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