LayerZero Power Systems Launches Three-Source OPTS Static Transfer Switch

Chagrin Falls, Ohio (September 26, 2002)  LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. announces the release of the three-source Optical Power Transfer Switch (OPTS), a static transfer switch that is designed to protect critical loads in data centers.  The three-source OPTS adds an additional layer of redundancy to critical loads, providing backup for outages of the preferred and alternate sources. 

The three-source OPTS offers increased protection by allowing for the immediate transfer of power between three completely independent sources, including a combination of utility, UPS, and generator power.  The transfer switch monitors the quality of two or three connected sources and transfers to an alternate source if the quality of power falls outside of user-specified parameters.  With the LayerZero OPTS, the transfer of sources is so fast that sensitive loads are unable to determine that a transfer even occurred.  When the power quality is well within the acceptable range, the system returns back to the preferred source. 

The reliability and life expectancy of the upgraded OPTS is among the best in the industry, as it is based on solid state technology with no moving parts.  The LayerZero OPTS takes overall reliability and redundancy to a new level by allowing for the connectivity of three independent sources to the power system, truly eliminating any single points of failure.  LayerZero static transfer switch technology is utilized by industries seeking to avoid the operational losses associated with power interruptions. 

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