LayerZero Power Systems Launches Triple Modular Redundant OPTS

Chagrin Falls, Ohio (September 23, 2002)  LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) Optical Power Transfer Switch (OPTS), a static transfer switch design that utilizes three isolated and mutually exclusive copies of each critical board, offering the highest reliability design in the industry. 

The Triple Modular Redundant OPTS is a powerful approach to availability, combining the reliability of multiple boards into a single system.  Triple Modular Redundant systems provide levels of reliability that are ten times higher than in single modular redundant systems, allowing for critical boards to be replaced on energized units, and significantly increasing the life span of installed equipment when incorporated with a renewal system. 

The LayerZero Triple Modular Redundant OPTS eliminates all single points of failure by utilizing a voting mechanism at the output of each critical board, so that if a vital component were to fail, the remaining two control systems would insure the sensing/switching integrity of the system.  Furthermore, an immediate alarm would indicate failure of the lost control-system, providing operators with the opportunity to replace the critical board, while restarting the life expectancy of the TMR system control. 

Triple Modular Redundant technology is a significant upgrade to the OPTS, providing operators with rock-solid uptime and system availability. 

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