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LayerZero Power Systems Announces Type-P, Dual ePODs

Chagrin Falls, Ohio (September 19, 2005)  LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. has expanded their ePODs (Web-Enabled Power Distribution System) product line with a new model, the ePODs™: Dual Type-P.  The ePODs™: Dual Type-P has a solid-state transfer switch on the primary side of the transformer with a dual power distribution section. 

Available in either SMR (Single Modular Redundant) or TMR (Triple Modular Redundant) configurations, the ePODs™: Dual Type-P provides a seamless transfer between multiple power sources on the primary side of the transformer.  Like other LayerZero ePODs, the Dual Type-P transfers power in less than quarter of an electrical cycle, and offers the highest level of protection against critical load outages.  The design of the ePODs™: Dual Type-P is segmented and decentralized, with redundant components, wired in a way that maximizes phase diversity.   Made to be maintenance-free, the LayerZero ePODs™: Dual Type-P will provide exceptional reliability during the life of the product. 

The ePODs™: Dual Type-P is designed to be very safe, with features such as insulated breaker mounts, the LayerZero-designed SafePanel™, and fiber optic based controls.  The connectivity of the ePODs was also well thought-out, utilizing open protocols that are compatible with most system management software packages.  A vast amount of information can be remotely gathered from ePODs, such as waveform captures, power usage information, events, and alarms.  Designed specifically for power distribution in the data center, LayerZero ePODs have place a strong emphasis on reliability, safety, connectivity, and information centricity. 

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