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Series 70: ePanel-2

The Series 70: ePanel-2 is a wall-mounted remote power panel that is designed to increase operator safety and maximize reliability. The Series 70: ePanel-2 is a SIMO Configuration (Single Input, Multiple Outputs) Power Panel.

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ePanel-2: Product Overview

The Series 70 ePanel-2 Power Panel contains two 42-circuit panel boards (84 total circuits), two optional main circuit breakers, with Power Quality Monitoring. ePODs: Type-X PDU

ePanel-2 360 Product View

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ePanel-2 Mechanical Overview

ePanel-2 Remote Power Panel Exterior
ePanel-2 Remote Power Panel Outer Door Open
ePanel-2 Remote Power Panel Interior

Reliability, Safety, Convenience, and Monitoring Features

Connectivity Options

eSTS Connectivity

Series 70 ePanel-2 Technical Specifications

ePanel-2 Models with System Withstand Ratings
  Presence of Main Circuit Breaker No Main Circuit Breaker
120/208 V, 3-Phase, 4-Wire + Ground
25 10
220/380 V, 3-Phase, 4-Wire + Ground 14
230/400 V, 3-Phase, 4-Wire + Ground
240/415 V, 3-Phase, 4-Wire + Ground
277/480 V, 3-Phase, 4-Wire + Ground
480 V, 3-Phase, 3-Wire + Ground


Mechanical Characteristics
Dimensions 47"W x 80"H x 10.5"D

ePanel-2 Virtual Tour Video

Panel Board Configurations

• Exposed Live Parts
• Requires deenergizing before an employee works on or near equipment
• Safe to Install Additional Circuit Breakers When Disconnected
• Ideal for environments where live equipment can be shut down for maintenance.
• No Exposed Live Parts
• Finger Safe (IP-20 Rated) Panel Board
• Includes Panel Board Shrouds
• Designed to Maximize Operator Safety
• Designed for environments that require uninterrupted power.

ePanel-2: Brochure Download

Download ePanel-2 Wall-Mounted 84-Circuit Power Panel Brochure
Download Series 70: ePanel-2 Product Brochure PDF

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