Series 70 ePODs: Type-X 750 kVA

The Series 70: ePODs Type-X is a web-enabled 750 kVA Industrial Load Center containing a Transformer and Distribution. The Series 70: ePODs Type-X is a SIMO Configuration (Single Input, Multiple Outputs), consisting of primary bulk distribution. The Series 70 ePODs: Type-X is ideal for applications with limited wall space that require high-reliability primary power distribution.

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Type-X Mechanical Overview

ePODs Type-X 750 kVA Power Distribution Unit with Transformer and Distribution Doors Closed
ePODs Type-X 750 kVA PDU Front with Outer Doors Open
ePODs Type-X 750 kVA PDU with Dead Front Doors Open
ePODs Type-X 750 kVA PDU Distribution Section Doors Open
ePODs Type-X 750 kVA PDU Distribution Section Inner Doors Open

All-In-One Design

All-in-one PDU design

One-Line Electrical Diagram

One Line

Convenient Cable Access

The Series 70 ePODs: Type-X features top cable/conduit exit from the panels.

Top Cable Entry/Exit

Zen DPQM Power Quality Monitoring

Built-in power quality monitoring, including branch monitoring and real-time waveform capture. Zen DPQM enables facilities to trace the root cause of power quality events. There is no need to add-on expensive power quality analyzers, ePODs: Type-X has advanced power quality monitoring functionality built-in.

LayerZero Zen DPQM Local Display

Reliability, Safety, Convenience, and Monitoring Features

Connectivity Options

eSTS Connectivity

Series 70 ePODs: Type-X Technical Specifications

Mechanical Characteristics
Dimensions 70"W x 88"H x 48"D (1778 mm x 2235.2 mm x 1219.2 mm)
Weight 6000 lbs (2721 kg)
Transformer Size 750 kVA
Front 36" (914 mm)
Rear 6" (152 mm)
Left 6" (152 mm)
Right 6" (152 mm)
Top 18" (457 mm)

Panel Board Configurations

• Exposed Live Parts
• Requires deenergizing before an employee works on or near equipment
• Safe to Install Additional Circuit Breakers When Disconnected
• Ideal for environments where live equipment can be shut down for maintenance.
• No Exposed Live Parts
• Finger Safe (IP-20 Rated) Panel Board
• Includes Panel Board Shrouds
• Designed to Ximize Operator Safety
• Designed for environments that require uninterrupted power.

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